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Which of the following orientations concerning ethical leadership involves temperance, humility, and a balanced approach to issues?

Which of the following orientations concerning ethical leadership involves temperance, humility, and a balanced approach to issues?. Marianna tends to take a lot of time to manage conflict between her employees, focusing a on a win-win solution that satisfies both parties. Her style of management conflict would be referred to as


A. collaboration.

B. interdependence.

C. accommodation.

D. competition.

2.   Enrique is fascinated by the idea of _______ leadership, which is broadly distributed among members of a group, organization, or society.


A. authentic

B. value-based

C. shared

D. collaborative

3.   Which of the following orientations concerning ethical leadership involves temperance, humility, and a balanced approach to issues?


A. Sustainability

B. Humane

C. Moderation

D. Justice

4.   Reviewing the results of the Ohio State University study on leadership behavior, Alessandra discovers that the term consideration refers to


A. a strong sense of personal identity.

B. the extent to which the leader is concerned with the welfare of the group.

C. a capacity to absorb stress.

D. the exercise of initiative in social situations.



5.   According to Bernard Bass, a/an _______ leader concentrates on arousing or altering the needs of subordinates, rather than focusing on how their current needs might be met.


A. values-based

B. transactional

C. transformational

D. inspirational

6.   According to James MacGregor Burns, a central value in the relationship between leaders and followers is


A. purpose.

B. power.

C. potential.

D. purity.


7.   The term _______ refers to finding an acceptable solution to conflict that all parties can minimally accept.


A. enforcing

B. compromising

C. satisficing

D. bargaining

8.   The second phase of the negotiation process typically involves


A. bargaining.

B. preparation.

C. disagreement.

D. presentation.

9.   One of the characteristics of creative leadership is _______, which is considered a prerequisite of creativity, innovation, and forward-thinking action.


A. optimism

B. collaboration

C. audacity

D. courage

10.   One of the ways leaders establish and maintain credibility is through “practicing what they preach.” Kouzes and Posner describe this “practice” of credibility as


A. modeling the way.

B. stepping into the unknown.

C. inspiring a shared vision.

D. integrity matching.


11.   Roxanne recognizes that by establishing rules that limit contact between two employees who are in conflict, she can implement a quick, short-term _______ approach to managing the conflict.


A. avoidance

B. behavioral

C. accommodating

D. attitudinal

12.   _______ can be a source of organizational conflict in the case of workers in different shifts disagreeing about work procedures, documentation, and organization of the workspace they share.


A. Interdependence

B. Goal incompatibility

C. Resource allocation

D. Resource scarcity


13.   Creative leaders needs to display _______, which may be described as a capacity to learn from their experiences, engage in self-reflection and self-critique, and apply their learning to future problems.


A. energy

B. humility

C. learning agility

D. empathy

14.   Leadership has occurred when


A. followers disobey new rules and objectives handed down from top management.

B. someone tries to exert power or control over followers.

C. a group has been stimulated to move in a new direction.

D. somebody takes charge and decides what to do.

Which of the following orientations concerning ethical leadership involves temperance, humility, and a balanced approach to issues?

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