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Vector-borne diseases are:

Vector-borne diseases are:.

Vector-borne diseases are:

Not able to infect a large number of   hosts in a relative short amount of time

Infectious diseases (bacterial or viral)   that are transmitted via an arthropod

Only viral infectious diseases   transmitted via an arthropod

Are only found in the tropics


Which of the following is not one of four typical dying trajectories associated with comorbidity and patterns of functional decline occurring over the last year of life?


Nocturnal death

Cancer death

Death from organ   failure



Aside from Jenner s use of cowpox to prevent smallpox, the best known example of disease-versus-disease is the modification of ________by genetic red cell disorders such as sickle cell anemia and thalassemia.


human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)





About __________% of breast cancers among women result from inherited mutations in genes known as BRCA1 and BRCA2.

1 5

5 10

15 20

20 25


QUETSION#5Women who carry BRCA1 or BRCA2 have a lifetime risk as high as _____% for breast cancer.








The raw data collected and then used for public health research is known as:


Primary sources

Secondary sources

Tertiary sources



The percentage of information   available on the free Web that is considered suitable for   academic/professional work is:








What proportion of men age 70 years and older still drive?







Measles and several other systemic viral infections cause a temporary suppression of cellular immunity, resulting in remission of ________________.


infectious diseases

autoimmune diseases


alloimmune diseases

Question #10

Dr. Willem-Karel Dicke of the Juliana Children s Hospital observed, during Europe s winter of starvation in 1944 45, that a few children with celiac disease gained weight and vigor on a very restricted diet. Dicke eventually proved that _______ was the offending agent in celiac diseases and that a ______ diet was the treatment of choice for celiac disease.


salt; salt-free

sugar; sugar-free

gluten; gluten-free

lactose; lactose-free


Question #11

Parasites, as well as bacterial and viral infections, can   be spread through contaminated water:



Question #12

According to Stiehm, the most significant medical advance   of the last two centuries has been __________.





the heart-lung machine


Question #13

Choose the correct statement     about bovine tuberculosis (bTB):


Bovine       tuberculosis (bTB) only affects cattle.

“Bovine       tuberculosis (bTB) was a problem of the past in the UK, but has since       been controlled.”

Bovine       tuberculosis (bTB) is currently one of the most difficult animal health       problems in the UK.

Bovine       tuberculosis (bTB) does not have a natural reservoir.

Question #14

Bias, in the literature, can be minimized by:





All of the above


Question #15

Which of the following         is/are potential cause(s) of medication errors?

I. Lack of access to         patient medical history

II. Two medications that look alike

III. Patient non-adherence to medication regimen




I and II

II and III

“I, II, and III”


Question #16

The following factors         influence an individual s response to medications except:



Other  medications being taken


All of the above affect a person s response to medications.

Question #17

Biodiversity defines:


The number of different organisms located within an ecosystem

The range of different organisms located within an ecosystem

“The number, variety, and range of genes located within an ecosystem             ”

All of the above

Question #18

Which of the following is a recommendation made by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to reduce medication misadventures?


Minimizing the use of technology

Providing patient education at each of the key points when patient receives medications.

Utilizing only the chemical name when referring to a drug

Making medication information widely available through               different websites to patients

Vector-borne diseases are:

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