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Strategy Is Concerned Primarily With How To Compete Within Individual Markets.

Strategy Is Concerned Primarily With How To Compete Within Individual Markets.. BU48S : eBusiness Strategy

Question 1

__________ strategy is concerned primarily with how to compete within individual markets.




Business unit

Question 2

There are several ways of attaining __________, including having a strong and unique brand, a large and loyal customer base, and low-cost production facilities.

lower transaction costs

a competitive advantage

economies of scale and scope

increased customer value

Question 3

Important factors in the __________ environment are interest and exchange rates, evolution of stock markets and, more generally, economic growth rates.



political and legal


Question 4

Kotler proposes a number of different requirements that any type of market segmentation should fulfill. They include all of the following EXCEPT:





Question 5

The __________ illustrates how information captured in the physical value chain can be used to develop new markets.

virtual value chain

value network

ICDT model

internal value chain

Question 6

Doing this to the disruptive innovator means that a company tries to out-substitute the substitution.





Question 7

Potential adopters usually come to the __________ for advice and information about innovations.


early adopters

early majority

brand leaders

Question 8

_________ management focuses on logistics and support functions. This business includes the building and management of physical facilities, such as manufacturing or assembly plants, retail outlets and truck fleets, for high-volume production and transportation processes.


Customer relationship



Question 9

A __________ is a website that displays content that users can incorporate as is, or modify at will.



media platform

desktop application

Question 10

__________ takes place when hackers misrepresent their true identity or misrepresent themselves by using fake email addresses.


Malicious code



Strategy Is Concerned Primarily With How To Compete Within Individual Markets.

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